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Olive Garden Manager from Kansas Fired over his Sharp-Tongued Letter

 The Olive Garden restaurant manager from Kansas has been fired by the owners because of his letter to employees pertaining to their frequent time-offs. His sharp-tongued letter backfired on him.

What did Kansas-based Olive Garden Manager write in the letter?

It seems that the manager was fed up because of the garden employees taking frequent time-offs due to various reasons. He got annoyed and sent a letter referring to employees.

In the letter, the manager mentioned that in the future if any employee takes time offs regularly then he would have to look for another job. 

Moreover, whosoever wants a time-off, will need to prove the reason, for example, if he is not well then he will have to prove that he is actually not well, if someone's pet dies, he will have to bring the dead pet to prove that it actually died.

He clearly mentioned that he would not bear any excuse for leaves. The letter is available at this link.

Response of Olive Garden Restaurant Owners:

The Olive Garden restaurant is managed by the owner company Darden. When the owners came to know about this letter, they immediately took action and issued a statement. In the statement, they said that their motto was to provide a good and healthy working environment for their employees. 

The way the manager dealt with the employees was not good for the future of the restaurant. So they announced that the manager from Kansas had been fired with immediate effect.

The brand is already suffering because of rising inflation and this kind of attitude could result in more problems for the restaurant. The name of the manager has not been made public.

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