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Ashton Kutcher and his Twin Brother being Brutally Honest about Past

 During a recent interview, the US actor Ashton Kutcher and his twin brother Michael went brutally honest and revealed several past truths and struggles. This was the first interview that was given by the twin brothers jointly.

Both brothers are 44 years of age. They appeared in the show “The Checkup with Dr. David Agus” on Paramount+. They got emotional while talking about their past. Dr. David Agus is a cancel specialist who conducts celebrity interviews on the show and talks about the health issues they are going through or went through in past. The show started on the 6th of December.

Ashton Kutcher and his Twin Brother being Candid about their past:

Ashton Kutcher told that Michael is suffering from cerebral palsy. He said that when Michael was 13 years old, he got infected with viral myocarditis and was about to die because due to the infection Michael’s heart got bigger in size and fail. 

Michael was admitted to the hospital and Ashton went to meet him. During his visit, Ashton came to know that his brother required a heart transplant. He became so much emotional that he tried to take his life by jumping from the balcony so that his heart could be given to his dying brother. But later on, a donor was found for Michael's heart replacement.

Ashton admitted that while his twin brother was not going in good health, he started to gain success in his own career and this thing was making him feel guilty. He always wondered why his brother had to go through all the health problems. When Michael noticed this, he said to Ashton that his guilt made him weak.

Ashton also told about an autoimmune disorder vasculitis that he had to suffer from. Three years ago he almost lost his eyesight, hearing power, and balance due to this. He was not able to walk properly. It took him almost one year to recover from this. He said that his wife Mila Kunis was a big support to him during all this.

Why did Michael and his twin brother Ashton Kutcher drift away?

Michael said to the interviewer that for some time he started to feel jealous of Ashton because of his success in his career and because of that they both got drifted away from each other. Things started to become complicated. But later on, they succeeded in resolving their issues and frictions and were able to better their relationship.

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