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Why the name 'Jibaro'? the Love, Death + Robots Director Explains


Jibaro Love Death Robots Animation: "The Witness" was the last contribution of Alberto Mielgo to Netflix’s ‘Love, Death + Robots.’ It was a standout entry of the season that earned him three Emmies and an Annie award.

His new offering in the animated anthology “Jibaro” tackles such things which are most difficult to animate, like splashing water, hair, glittering jewels, etc. All was done in a fluid, and dance-like style that is quite hard to look away from.

"Jibaro" delivers the flawless animation that Mielgo is always known for. It is a dark fairy-tale about a Deaf knight who encountered a golden siren in a lush green forest and the violence that ensues.

Director Alberto Mielgo talked about “Jibaro” ahead of the release of ‘Love, Death + Robots’ Volume 3. He told about his love for comics, the difficult themes, difficulties faced in animating, and why the character was named “Jibaro.”

The character "Jibaro" looks like it could be partially live-action but actually, it is not. 

The animation was done using the old-fashioned methods, with the help of keyframe animation and also matching other reference materials in order to bring the animated short to life.

The CGI was used to generate effects of liquid whereas all other aspects were done using high-end modern technology.

He said that the short was a great challenge for him from the aspects of the story as well as visualization as he had to pay attention to minute details of the lush green jungle and the looks of the characters.

He mentioned that the name “Jibaro” does not make any sense. He found the name quote cool and catchy.

At first go, he just wanted to create a story of a tribal-looking knight in the middle of a forest. For this purpose, he created a Spanish character and named him ‘Jibaro’ without knowing its meaning. 

After doing a bit of research, he came to know that ‘Jibaro’ is a word that is used in different countries and has different meanings. In some countries, it means wild while in others it means a countryside person who works in the fields. In Venezuela, the word is related to drug dealing.

Volume 3 of  ‘Love, Death + Robots’ is streaming now on Netflix. You can watch it here!!

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