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The EU provides € 9 billion in macro-financial support to Ukraine

The European Union summit has decided to provide Ukraine with an urgent loan of 9 billion euros to meet urgent budget needs.

This was stated at a press conference on the night of May 31 by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

"Ukraine needs urgent financial support. As you know, Ukraine needs about 5 billion euros a month to support basic payments such as salaries, pensions, etc.," von der Leyen said in a speech after the European Council.

To close this cash gap, the EU will soon provide Ukraine with an unprecedented package of macro-financial assistance.

"We are preparing a mechanism for urgent macro-financial support in the amount of 9 billion, which we will work on within a week," said the EC president.

The political decision was confirmed by the President of the European Council Charles Michel "9 billion euros confirmed by the European Council," he said.

Note that macro-financial support is a long-term loan, but with very low-interest rates close to zero.

Ukraine has repeatedly used EU macro-financial assistance, recently receiving the last 600 million euros from a previous emergency package.

Earlier, it was reported that the G7 mobilized almost $ 20 billion in aid to Ukraine.

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