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South Ossetia's new leader halts referendum on Russia's accession

The new leader of South Ossetia on Monday abandoned plans to hold a referendum on "joining" Russia, which his predecessor scheduled for July 17.

According to European Truth, this is stated in the publication "Echo of the Caucasus".

Alan Gagloyev suspended the decree of Anatoly Bibilov, whom he replaced as the so-called "president", to hold a referendum on South Ossetia's accession to Russia.

Gagloev suspended the decree in order to hold "consultations" with Moscow.

"Immediately hold consultations with the Russian side on the whole range of issues related to the further integration of the Republic of South Ossetia and the Russian Federation," the decree of the new South Ossetian leader said.

Gagloev said that "the uncertainty of the legal consequences of the issue submitted to the referendum" and "the inadmissibility of a unilateral decision of the referendum on issues related to the legitimate rights and interests of the Russian Federation."

On May 13, Gagloev's predecessor, Anatoly Bibilov, signed a decree to hold a referendum, citing the region's "historical desire" to join Russia, his office said at the time.

Earlier, Tbilisi condemned South Ossetia's plans to hold a referendum on "joining" Russia as "unacceptable."

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