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Resignation sought from Uvalde School Police Chief Pedro Arredondo

Pedro “Pete” Arredondo started working as a 911 operator, whose job is to respond again and again to calls from those people in Uvalde, Texas who need help desperately when a difference of seconds could be the difference between life and death.

His career is now on the verge of ending as he must resign as chief of the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District Police Department.

He failed to take any action when children placed approximately a dozen 911 calls asking for help while being locked in adjoining classrooms, and their teachers and classmates were dying in the shooting incident. The incident left 19 children and 2 teachers dead.

Each one of these calls required more nerve and courage than demonstrated by the chief supposedly in charge.

Even if the chief was unaware of those calls, a quick check from his side would have been enough to know that kids were calling for help.

At least 19 cops under his immediate command were standing outside the classroom door. They should have been asked to enter.

By announcing his resignation, he can send a signal to the grieving families that he accepts the responsibility for the massacre happened. Till now, he has just taken down his Facebook page.

The Texas Department of Public Safety says that on Tuesday Arredondo was the incident commander at Robb Elementary School. He did not give the order to move in an hour and 17 minutes even after the killer entered classrooms 111 and 112.

A girl, who was inside the classroom and somehow survived, told that she was able to hear the voices of the police personnel outside the room and was wondering why they were not entering the room to save them.

Arredondo held a press briefing after the massacre and he behaved in such a manner that he and his cops did their best.

Now Arredondo is not responding to the messages and calls, he is being asked about his decision to resign.

Probably, Border Patrol Officer Jacob Albarado should be considered as the next chief. He was at the barbershop when he received a text message from his wife, a teacher in the same school, about the presence of the shooter in the school. He immediately rushed to the school and led the evacuation process from other parts of the school.

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