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Man Disguised as an Elderly Woman throws cake at Mona Lisa Portrait

Mona Lisa Painting Cakes
: At the Lourve Museum in Paris, an "old woman" suddenly jumped out of her wheelchair to smear cake over the Mona Lisa portrait. Art fans present there were left stunned. On Sunday, various videos and images of the popular portrait stained with cake cream went viral on social media. 

Marca reported that a man, who was disguised as an elderly woman and was in a wheelchair, suddenly jumped up from the chair and threw cake on the painting. Reportedly, he also tried to break through the bulletproof glass that keeps Leonardo da Vinci's work safe in the Louvre Museum.

According to the people present there, the perpetrator was actually a man in a wheelchair who wore a wig and disguised as a woman. He suddenly stood up from the chair and approached the portrait. 

First of all, he attempted to destroy the glass display case. But when he saw that it did not work, he threw a cake onto the canvas and smeared it over the glass panel. He also sprinkled some roses before the security knocked him down to the ground. He addressed the visitors and said that some people were trying to destroy the earth.

Still, man's motive behind this act is not clear and it is also being found out how he was able to bring the cake inside the museum.

This is not the first time that portrait of the Mona Lisa has been targeted by the miscreants. In 1956, a miscreant threw acid at the painting and the bottom part of the masterpiece was damaged severely in the attack. Since then, the painting has been kept behind bullet-proof glass.

The matter is under investigation.

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