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Lithuania is collecting 5 million euros for Bayraktar for Ukraine

Lithuania has launched a #bayraktarasUkrainai fundraising campaign to purchase a Bayraktar TB2 drone for the Ukrainian military.

According to European Truth, it reportsAccording to European Truth, LRT

The initiator was journalist and opinion leader Andrius Tapinas, who stated that he had received approval from the Ministries of Defense of Lithuania and Turkey and opened a fundraiser.

The Ministries of Defense of Lithuania and Turkey gave the "green light", the manufacturer said "yes", and now I have one word in mind - "Bayraktar", - he wrote on April 25 in his Facebook on April 25 .

He explained that he proposed these weapons because the drone proved its effectiveness in the early stages of the war.

Tapinas has set a goal to raise 5 million euros in three weeks. His own media company contributes 62,000 euros.

In the afternoon of April 26, the journalist reported that the account already has more than 1.7 million euros, "the rate is 1,800 euros per minute."

At 9 pm on April 26, Tapinas announced a special broadcast with the participation of Prime Minister Ingrida Shimonite, Ukrainian Ambassador to Lithuania Petro Beshta, Defense Minister Arvydas Anushauskas and Deputy Speaker, during which he will talk to them about the war and ask questions from the audience. of "Bayraktar".

As reported, on May 25, Lithuania announced a new consignment of aid to Ukraine - M113 armored personnel carriers, military trucks and SUVs.

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