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Germany plans to facilitate the entry of Russian critics of Putin

The German federal government wants to make it easier for Russian Kremlin critics to enter.

This was reported by the publication of the media group Funke on Monday, writes "European Truth" with reference to T-Online .

According to the report, the government has set criteria for accepting particularly vulnerable critics of the Kremlin from Russia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior, and the Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media have agreed on groups of people at risk.

These include human rights defenders at risk of political persecution, the opposition, human rights activists and academics, as well as journalists at particular risk.

Persons persecuted by the Russian authorities as "foreign agents" must also fall under the protective norm.

Accordingly, they will be able to obtain a longer residence permit in Germany, rather than just a limited Schengen visa for a maximum of 90 days.

Permission will be issued after studying each case.

The reason for entering Germany is Article 22 of the Residence Act, which allows entry "on the basis of international law or urgent humanitarian reasons." The Federal Ministry of the Interior may declare the admission of these persons to the country "for the protection of the political interests of the Federal Republic of Germany."

After that, German embassies must issue visas to these people. They can also be issued by permanent German missions outside Russia, for example in Turkey or Georgia, where many Russians are currently in exile.

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