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Carjackers stole Marner's car but could not rob him of his class

Toronto Maple Leafs Mitch Marner
: Dylan Atack, a fan from Hamilton, was waiting outside the Toronto Maple Leafs' practice facility in Etobicoke on Tuesday. He was extremely grateful that Maple Leafs' superstar Mitch Marner took time out to talk, sign an autograph, and pose for a photograph just one day after armed car thieves stole his Range Rover at gunpoint.

He also mentioned that Mitch Marner was not in any sort of fear and even did not carry any security even after the previous day the robbers took away his car. Instead, he was moving forward with a smile on his face. This shows that the thieves could steal his car but could not rob him of his class.

The Leaf’s star has left a message for his fans and mates on his Twitter account. He has thanked all of them for their support. He has also thanked the Toronto Police Service for the ongoing investigation.

However, the Toronto police have not given any statement on the probe but according to the sources the case is being given utmost priority as the police are trying hard to nab the trio.

On Monday, just before 8 p.m., outside of the Cineplex at The Queensway and Islington Ave., Marner and his friend were surprised by masked carjackers. Two of them had handguns while one was carrying a knife.

Police appreciated Marner as he did not try to resist the robbery.

Even after going through this dangerous situation, Marner’s attitude is worth praising. He is not hiding from his fans and is meeting them with great enthusiasm.

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