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Video : Mermaid Found in Ukunda, Kenya viral on Tiktok.


A video viral on tiktok and another social media platform.  It is also making the question, Is it possibility of a mermaid in Ukunda, a town in Kenya. But is it true?

A video going viral on Tiktok and other social media platforms. It is also raising questions about whether there is likely to be a mermaid in Ukunda, a city in Kenya. But is it true?

What happened in mermaids Video?

In the video the creator was tagged in, a "creature" of some kind had washed up on a Kenyan beach. In the clip, you can see a crowd of people surrounding what looks to be the bottom half of a huge fish. But toward the end, you can see the upper half of what looks like a person. The eyes are closed and their arms are spread out.

Although some people can at least believe the idea of mermaids existing, there are people in the comments of the video doubting if this video is real. One person pointed out that there's no visible webbing on the fingers, and no gills either. Another said that that it looks like this mermaid is wearing an ombré wig.

@skinfluencebymsk MERMAID IN KENYA 😳😳😳😳 credit to @Mary Musyoka #mermaid #mermaidtok #mermaidtiktok #mermaids ♬ Paris - Else

As of now, nothing about the video has been confirmed or denied, but Skinfluence By MSK said that the Kenyan government is trying to suppress the video and that people in the area are saying that it's real.

Is this video be Fake?

The same day that the first video was posted, Skinfluence By MSK posted a duet of what looks to be another video of the same mermaid. Here, we can see the arms of the body move along with the fins, and it's now laying in a pool of blood. In the comments section of this video, viewers still aren't convinced that what they are looking at is a real mermaid.

@skinfluencebymsk #duet with @miss.mikwa #mermaid #mermaidtail #mermaids #mermaidtiktok #mermaidtok ♬ original sound - miss. mikwa

In one comment, a user points out that they can hear gagging. To them and others, it looks like a child in a huge fish's mouth. Some comments point out that they see a fish's head around a person's waist and all this is a video of is an unfortunate accident where a child was almost eaten alive.

So, was there a mermaid found in Kenya? Probably not.

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