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Indiana Gov. Signs Bill To Eliminate The Need Of Acquiring Permit To Carry Handgun


Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb signed House Bill 1296 on Monday. The bill says that from July 1st, Hoosiers aged 18 or above will no longer be required to acquire a permit to carry a handgun. While signing the bill he mentioned that he trusts Hoosiers that they will lawfully and responsibly carry a handgun in Indiana.

He further cleared that those who are currently prohibited, as per state or federal laws, from possessing a firearm will still not be allowed to have one even after the law comes into effect. Any of such people will have to get a permit before possession.

With the bill HEA 1296, he made Indiana the 24th constitutional carry state across the nation

According to the legislation, anyone who is 18 or older can legally carry a handgun in public. But there are certain exceptions as well like people having a felony conviction or having a serious mental illness are not allowed to do so. 

Doug Carter, Indiana State Police Superintendent, issued a statement in this regard. He said that changes will be needed in law enforcement to implement the things. He also mentioned that some measures will be required to be taken to identify those ones who are allowed and not allowed to carry firearms without a permit.

Opponents of this bill are raising issues like this bill would make the job of law enforcement agencies quite difficult and also the crimes could be increased as this bill will open doors for more guns on the street.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine also signed a similar law bill last week.

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