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1883: Can Elsa Survive the Lethal Arrow wound?

In the episode 9 of Season 1 of 1883, Elsa Dutton, the 1883's main character and narrator, suffered a lethal wound which is killing her slowly. But, still there are chances of her survival. 

In the episode titled “Racing Clouds”, Elsa grabbed a pistol and shot a mounted Indigenous American warrior, who shoots and pierces Elsa's stomach with an arrow. The infection is slowly increasing and has become threat for her life.

The scene actually explains what happened that led to the violent opening scenes of 1883's pilot episode. After the death of her first love Ennis (Played by Eric Nelsen), and surviving a hurricane where she left her husband Sam (Martin Sensmeier) behind so that she could be with Duttons, Elsa is once again facing a dangerous challenge and is fighting for of her survival.

The band of Lakota warriors attacked Elsa's caravan. The band actually mistook the caravan for horse thieves who brutally slaughtered a nearby Lakota settlement that was next to the Oregon Trail. 

James Dutton (Tim McGraw), Thomas (LaMonica Garrett), and Shea Brennan (Sam Elliot) searched for the thieves and killed them, but they are unable to stop the Lakota from wounding Elsa badly. Luckily, Elsa is seen wearing pants again. She heals up enough and is able to ride her horse once again.

1883's final episode is about to come, and Elsa's fate will decide if the fans would like to continue with the season 2 of  1883. She is the heart and soul of the series. Her popularity is the reason why the creators have decided to come up with the next season of the series. 

In the concluding scenes of 1883 episode 9, Elsa narrates certain moments that suggest that she is getting better. And there is good possibility that she would survive. 

There are many ways through which she can be saved. Let’s have a glimpse of them:

One way of her survival is that the Doctors present at Fort Caspar can save Elsa as they have medicines and several other methods to deal with the infections. Shea is also looking for doctors who can attend the injured German and Romanian migrants in the caravan.

Penicillin was not discovered until the early 1900s. But military doctors in the late 1800s had found methods for vaccinating soldiers for diseases and for treating battle wounds.

Another way out for Elsa’s survival is the use of peyote. Peyote has great healing properties and has always been a main ingredient in various natural American remedies since ancient times. 

Sam, Elsa's husband, can go after Elsa and catch up with the caravan in Fort Caspar. He can either have peyote with him or he knows where he can find the fresh peyote nearby. So Elsa can be saved with the help of natural healing methods.

And the third way of her survival is Yellowstone Dutton Ranch which is located several hundred miles away from the Fort Casper. If Elsa is able to reach Yellowstone, she can be cured by the natural healing properties of the hot springs. John Dutton also got healed through the same way in Yellowstone.

If Elsa does not have to survive then the show can go on in this way as well. As James is convinced that Elsa will not survive so instead of stopping at Fort Caspar, he and Margaret can go with their plan. They will show Elsa the beauty of the world and ultimately will find a place where she can be buried. And later on when they will visit Elsa’s grave, they will discover the healing properties of Yellowstone's hot springs and this will lead them feel that they could save Elsa. 

This could convince the Duttons to settle and this will set the stage not only for Yellowstone, but also for the upcoming spinoff 1932. While the idea of Elsa survival in such a lengthy journey might seem farfetched, it is going to add a poetic symmetry to the events of 1883.

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